Electronic Resource Management Workflow Flowchart from the DLF ERMI Report

by Kimberly Parker, Nathan D. M. Robertson, Ivy Anderson, Adam Chandler, Sharon E. Farb, Timothy Jewell, and Angela Riggio, Appendix B of the 2004 Electronic Resource Management report of the Digital Library Federation ERM Initiative The Electronic Resource Management Workflow Flowchart provides a detailed overview of the activities associated with managing the life cycle of…

Friendly Guide to COUNTER Database Reports

by Mitchell Dunkley, De Montfort University This guide explains COUNTER usage reports for databases and how librarians can use the data to inform decision-making. It covers COUNTER Code of Practice Release 4 (approved December 2013), focusing only on the database reports DR1 and DR2. Available at https://www.projectcounter.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Database-pdf.pdf

E-Journal Subscriptions: Glossary of Terms

by Galadriel Chilton and Chenwei Zhao The Electronic Resources Management unit at the University of Connecticut developed this glossary of terms so that everyone involved in collection development during an extensive evaluation and review of e-journal subscriptions would have a common vocabulary. Available at http://www.slideshare.net/gchilton/e-journals-glossary-of-terms-july-2015/

Guidelines for the Introduction of Electronic Information Resources to Users

by the Management Committee of the Machine-Assisted Reference Section of the Reference and User Services Association These guidelines are intended to assist librarians who provide and publicize new electronic information resources to users and potential users. This document applies to Web-based, networked, and stand-alone resources that users may directly or indirectly access in an electronic…