Acquisitions Procedures for American University

By University Library, American University Subject guide outlining the procedures and workflows for acquiring materials. Topics include E-books, media, reserves, music, print serials, standing orders, print on demand, reference, development/gift funds, processing, and bindery.  Workflows for processing from vendors (such as Coutts and YBP) are also included.   Available at this URL: Archived using Internet…

E-Journal Subscriptions: Glossary of Terms

by Galadriel Chilton and Chenwei Zhao The Electronic Resources Management unit at the University of Connecticut developed this glossary of terms so that everyone involved in collection development during an extensive evaluation and review of e-journal subscriptions would have a common vocabulary. Available at

Serials: Serial Claim Guidelines by Michigan State University Libraries

by Michigan State University Libraries When the Libraries have not received standing order issues after a designated time we must request that the items be sent. In general, our first attempt to remedy the situation will be to send a paper claim slip using the guidelines below. This is not a procedure for how to…

Serials MARC Holdings Records – Editing Guidelines

by Brooks Robinson and Barbara Weinberg, North Carolina State University Libraries   This page outlines specific steps for creating new MARC holdings records, and for editing existing MARC holdings records.   Available at this URL: