Creating Macros for Sierra Functions

by Marmot Library Network

“Macros in Sierra allow customization of keyboard function keys to have predefined values or shortcuts that help make working with Sierra more productive. Macros are separated by user account so each user can have a different set of macros. A common use of macros is to make a macro that will navigate between Sierra functions at the press of a button instead of multiple mouse clicks.”


  • Creating Keyboard Shortcuts Using Macros for Sierra Functions
  • Check Out (Circulation Desk) using No Modifier
  • Check In (No Patrons) using No Modifier
  • Notices using No Modifier – F3
  • Search/Holds
  • Cataloging
  • Create Lists

PDF: Creating Macros for Sierra Functions

Available at the following URL:

Archived via Internet Archive (03/25/2021):

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