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4 thoughts on “Collecting Open Access information using OpenRefine and the oaDOI API

  1. Matti L says:

    Currently the BASE data has a problem which has an effect on identifying if an article is available from institutional repositories and this leads to false negatives.

    It seems that BASE is using the
    content of first dc:rights element in the data to determine the OA status
    of the harvested item. It is quite common that dc:rights is being repeated
    in the metadata with varying values (as it is mentioned in the documentation
    of BASE OAI) and when the info:eu-repo term for indicating OA status is
    not in the first available dc:rights field, the OA status of the item is
    marked Unknown in the BASE database and therefore are not being found via OADOI.

    1. John Holmberg Runsten says:

      Good to know Matti!

      Concerning the accuracy of oaDOI this study ( states that “77% of the truly open articles are correctly identified as open by oaDO […and] 96.6% of the time that oaDOI reports an
      article is open, it really is open.”

      The study is however not yet reviewed.

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