Montana Memory Project

Getting Involved

How to Contribute

Step 1: Plan your collection – The digital collections of the Montana Memory Project may include maps,  photos, rare books, documents, publications, diaries, oral histories, audio recordings, video recordings, paintings, illustrations, art and other cultural materials. The items can be historic or contemporary as long as they relate to Montana’s cultural heritage.
Step 2: Complete and submit an MMP Collection Application
Step 3: After review by the Montana Memory Project’s Selection Committee, have your MMP Collection Application be approved
Step 4: Begin scanning and digitizing your collection
Step 5: Set up a CONTENTdm software training with the Montana State Library to learn the uploading software.
Step 6: Import your items and metadata into CONTENTdm’s Project Client software for approval and index.
Step 7: Review your new collection on the Montana Memory Project site.
Step 8: Celebrate your new addition to Montana’s statewide digital archives!

If you are interested in contributing a collection to the MMP, you will need to submit a collection application, linked below.  You will also need to familiarize yourself with the documents listed below. Each .pdf document is specific to a step in the process.  The Glossary document will help you understand the terms used in creating a project.

MMP Collection Application

  1. MMP Collection Policy
  2. About the Montana Memory Project
  3. Montana State Library/MMP Copyright Statement
  4. How to Begin: planning a project
  5. MMP Contributing Institution Agreement Form
  6. Equipment Recommendations
  7. MMP Scanning Specifications
  8. Vendors
  9. File Naming Conventions
  10. Folder Hierarchy Guidelines
  11. Glossary
  12. Frequently Asked Questions

Oral history Project Documents

  1. Montana Historical Society Oral History Primer
  2. Montana Historical Society Oral History in the Classroom
  3. MMP Oral History Release Form
  4. Oral History Biographical data worksheet
  5. Family History – Oral History Question Template
  6. Digtial Recorder Loan Request Form
  7. Digital Recorder Operating Manual

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