Introduction to R for Libraries

By Clarke Iakovakis

These are the files associated with a 3 part webinar on “Introduction to R for Libraries,” delivered in May 2018 & sponsored by the Association for Library Collections & Technical Services. It includes step-by-step instructions in PDF for getting started using R, including sample datasets of print and e-books to allow users to follow along and practice the functions introduced in the sessions. It also includes the Powerpoint slides for each session, with detailed explanations. The webinar recordings are available on YouTube and linked in the description. Webinar information is available at

Session 1: The first session will include what R is, reasons to use R over other data tools, getting used to a command line software, and how to install R and R Studio, an orientation to the R Studio software, the data structures in R (e.g. numeric data, text string, factors).

Session 2: The second session will demonstrate how to enter commands, read data and do some basic exploration, common troubleshooting issues in R and how to interpret error messages.

Session 3: The third session will go deeper into data exploration and manipulation, including subsetting data, creating and renaming variables, creating a basic visualization, installing packages, and a brief overview of more complex operations one can run in R.

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