Open Access Outreach Materials: Slides & Handout

Open Access Outreach Materials: Slides & Handout

By Clarke Iakovakis

A set of materials for open access outreach. Includes 4 slidedecks and a handout:

– Copyright in Higher Education: Presentation on copyright in higher education. Topics include what copyright is, the purpose of copyright, using copyrighted works (permissions, exemptions, fair use), author rights, and open access.

– Open Access: Increase the Visibility of your Scholarship: Presentation on the fundamentals of open access. Topics include the social, political and especially economic context, defining open access, green OA, rights retention, sci-hub, and the beneficiaries of open access.

– Open Access: Identifying Quality Journals & Avoiding Predatory Publishers: Slideshow for presentation on open access. Topics include defining Gold OA (APCs, business models, subsidies), OA citation advantage, predatory publishers, whitelists/blacklists.

– Open Educational Resources: An Introduction: Slideshow for presentation on OER. Topics include textbook market, student costs, defining OER, access options, student and faculty satisfaction, student success measurements, 5 Rs.

– Strategies for Accessing Research After Graduation: 2 page handout with tips for how to access research post-graduation. Includes PubMed, DOAJ, Google Scholar, Unpaywall, public and academic libraries

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