WMS Acquisitions Workflows

by Lydia Welhan, Jared Cowing, and Latasha Means

Presentation on the acquisitions workflows at three higher education institutions (Saddleback College, Woodbury University, and University of California, Merced) using the WorldShare Management Services (WMS) platform. Workflows include budgets, ordering, invoicing, receiving, copy cataloging, standing orders, and reports. Slides presented at the WorldShare Management Services (WMS) Users’ Group Meeting in 2016 at DaAnza College.

Available at this URL: http://deanza.edu/library/wms2016/AcquisitionsWorkflow.pdf

Archived using Internet Archive on August 10, 2017 : https://web.archive.org/web/20170810164839/http://deanza.edu/library/wms2016/AcquisitionsWorkflow.pdf

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