Preferred titles in music cataloging

by Irving S. Gilmore Music Library, Yale University

A list of instructions, explanations, examples, and resources for recording preferred titles in music cataloging, including:

  • List of types of composition for use in authorized access points for music : a manual for use with RDA
  • A comparison of uniform titles (AACR2) and preferred titles (RDA) for musical works
  • Types of composition and LC subject headings
  • RDA:
    • Recording titles of works (RDA 6.2.1) See also Recording preferred titles for musical works (RDA 6.14)
    • Recording form of work (RDA 6.3)
    • Recording date and place of origin of works (RDA 6.4-6.5)
    • Recording date, language, and other distinguishing characteristics of expression (RDA 6.10-6.11)
    • Recording preferred title for musical works (RDA 6.14)
    • Recording medium of performance for musical works (RDA 6.15)
    • Recording numeric designation for musical works (RDA 6.16)
    • Recording key for musical works (RDA 6.17)
    • Recording other distinguishing characteristic of the expression of musical works (RDA 6.18)
    • Collaborative works and Compilations of works (RDA and
    • Access points representing musical works (RDA
  • Work numbers for authorized access points for composers whose works are assigned numbers other than opus numbers or in addition to opus numbers
  • Sources of information
    • Printed biographical sources for composers and their works
    • Thematic indexes used in the Library of Congress/NACO authority file (What the heck is a thematic index?)
    • Online resources for preferred titles

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Part of a larger set of documentation about Music Cataloging at Yale:


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