Born Digital @ Yale: Digital Accessioning Service

In January 2015 the Born Digital Working Group was formed to determine how the different libraries and museums can pool resources and expertise to find a path forward for born-digital archival materials. One of the priority goals of the BDWG is to establish a centralized Digital Accessioning Service for Yale special collections to capture files in a way that maintains their archival integrity and package them for ingest into the Digital Preservation System. The service is housed in the Di Bonaventura Family Digital Archaeology and Preservation Lab.  Starting in September 2016 we will provide accessioning services for born-digital physical media from special collections across Yale University Libraries and Museums.  This includes disk imaging, transferring and packaging files from physical media, and scanning for standard personally identifying information and potentially harmful viruses or malware.  For more details please refer to the service overview and other documentation listed below.

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