ArchivesSpace API

by the ArchivesSpace-Archivematica-DSpace Workflow Integration project, Bentley Historical Library

One of the most powerful tools that we’ve been making use of in our task to migrate our legacy EADs and accession records to ArchivesSpace is the ArchivesSpace API (Application Programming Interface), which allows users to interact with the ArchivesSpace backend to more efficiently and programmatically accomplish any task that can be completed in the ArchivesSpace frontend, including creating, updating, and deleting accessions, resources, archival objects, digital objects, subjects, agents, and other records. While this post will include a very brief introduction to using the ArchivesSpace API, if you are truly a newcomer to APIs in general and to the ArchivesSpace API in particular (as we were just a few months ago!), there is no better place to start than the ArchivesSpace Developer Screencasts put together by Hudson Molonglo, in particular screencast 2, Backend Introduction. Also, while this post will focus on only a few of the available ArchivesSpace API endpoints, all of the available endpoints are detailed in the ArchivesSpace API documentation.


Available at this URL :

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