DCS Globalization Project – Neatline Workflow

Created by Brianna Marshall I’ve listed the basic workflow I followed to display a georectified map and group of historical events within a Neatline exhibit. I’ve noted problems I ran into and added additional information if the tutorial did not work for me. https://wiki.dlib.indiana.edu/display/ETDC/DCS+Globalization+Project+-+Neatline+Workflow

Creating themes for individual Neatline exhibits

tldr: Neatline makes it possible to create separate themes for individual exhibits, which is useful if you want to host a collection of self-contained Neatline projects on a single site. To get started, fork the exhibit starter theme, which abstracts out the style, layout, and UX of the Project Gemini over Baja California exhibit. http://scholarslab.org/geospatial-and-temporal/theming-neatline-exhibits/