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License Negotiation—North Carolina State University

By Kristen Blake Wilson This workflow diagram PDF demonstrates the personnel involved and steps taken in license negotiations at NCSU. Available at: https://staff.lib.ncsu.edu/confluence/download/attachments/32906847/License%20negotiation.pdf?version=3&modificationDate=1436366428000&api=v2 Archived to the Internet Archive March 8, 2018; available at: http://web.archive.org/web/20180308164829/https://staff.lib.ncsu.edu/confluence/download/attachments/32906847/License%20negotiation.pdf?version=3&modificationDate=1436366428000&api=v2 A general list of NCSU workflow diagrams, updated regularly, is found at https://staff.lib.ncsu.edu/confluence/display/MNC/Serials+Unit+workflow+diagrams

yEd Graph Editor

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