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Authority Control at Yale

by Yale University Libraries The Yale University Library catalog (ORBIS) contains nearly 7 million bibliographic records and over 2 million authority records. These authority records help staff maintain consistent headings in the catalog. They also generate cross references that facilitate searching. The Library creates its new authority records in OCLC as a member of the…

Taking control of an uncontrolled vocabulary

https://github.com/Conal-Tuohy/huni/tree/master/data-store/www/skos-tools/vocabulary.xml I’ll explain briefly how it works, but first, I think it’s necessary to explain the rationale for the vocabulary tool, and for that you need to see how it fits into the LODLAM environment. http://conaltuohy.com/blog/taking-control-of-an-uncontrolled-vocabulary/

Folgerpedia – Authority Control

Authority control in a library environment is the establishment and maintenance of consistent forms of names and terms to be used as authorized access points in records of the library catalog. Authorized access points must not only be consistent, each one must be unique. Traditional library practice focused on controlling names (personal, corporate, governmental, and…